Pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma with rapid progression.


We describe a case of pleomorphic carcinoma showing a recurrent tumor with massive hemorrhage and myxoid change in the chest wall 2 months after complete resection. Whereas specimens from the initial surgery revealed both adenosquamous carcinoma and sarcomatous elements, the recurrent tumor predominantly consisted of a sarcomatous element. The recurrent tumor had stronger immunoreactivity for mesenchymal markers than the primary tumor, indicating that the sarcomatous element had more malignant potential than the epithelial element.

DOI: 10.1177/0218492312450254

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@article{Shintani2013PulmonaryPC, title={Pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma with rapid progression.}, author={Yasushi Shintani and Mitsunori Ohta and Teruo Iwasaki and Naoki Ikeda and Emiko Tomita and Kunimitsu Kawahara}, journal={Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals}, year={2013}, volume={21 2}, pages={231-4} }