Pulmonary nodules: experimental and clinical studies at low-dose CT.

  title={Pulmonary nodules: experimental and clinical studies at low-dose CT.},
  author={Stefan Diederich and Horst Lenzen and R Windmann and Zoltan Pusk{\'a}s and Tal{\^a}t Mesud Yelbuz and S Henneken and T Klaiber and M Eameri and Nikolaus Roos and Peter J. F. Peters},
  volume={213 1},
PURPOSE To compare the number of pulmonary nodules detected at helical low- and standard-dose computed tomography (CT) and to investigate the diagnostic value of low-dose CT with a radiation exposure equivalent to that used at chest radiography. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two radiologists recorded pulmonary nodules at standard-dose (250 or 100 mA, pitch of 1; 200 mA, pitch of 2) or low-dose CT (50 or 25 mA, pitch of 1 or 2) in five postmortem specimens and 75 patients. Nodules were assessed by… CONTINUE READING
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