Pulmonary nodule detection: low-dose versus conventional CT.

  title={Pulmonary nodule detection: low-dose versus conventional CT.},
  author={Henry Rusinek and David P. Naidich and Georgeann McGuinness and Barry S Leitman and Dorothy I. McCauley and Glenn A. Krinsky and Katie Clayton and H. Ian Cohen},
  volume={209 1},
PURPOSE To quantitate the effectiveness of low-dose computed tomography (CT) in the identification of pulmonary nodules while controlling for anatomic nodule characteristics and to establish what factors lead to reduced diagnostic sensitivity at low-dose CT. MATERIALS AND METHODS Each of six participating radiologist independently rated 200 image panels by using a four-point confidence scale. Conventional images were obtained at 200 mAs; low-dose images were obtained at 20 mAs. To fully… CONTINUE READING

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