Pulmonary manifestations of juvenile laryngotracheal papillomatosis.

  title={Pulmonary manifestations of juvenile laryngotracheal papillomatosis.},
  author={Sandra Sue Kramer and W D Wehunt and J. Thomas Stocker and Hasklns Kashima},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={144 4},
Juvenile laryngotracheal papillomatosis spreads to involve the lungs in less than 1% of cases, and when this occurs, the prognosis is poor. In seven such cases, the lung lesions, which appeared either solid or cystic on radiographs, proved to be benign squamous cell proliferations or papillomas, with central cavities containing debris or air. They seemed to grow centrifugally, using the alveolar walls as scaffolding with central coalescence and lung destruction. Papillomas spread inferiorly… CONTINUE READING
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