Pulmonary function responses of older men and women to NO2.

  title={Pulmonary function responses of older men and women to NO2.},
  author={D M Drechsler-Parks and John Bedi and Steven M. Horvath},
  journal={Environmental research},
  volume={44 2},
The pulmonary function of eight men and eight women (51 to 76 years of age), all non-smokers, was measured before and after 2-hr exposures to filtered air (FA) and 0.60 ppm nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The subjects alternated 20-min periods of rest and 20-min periods of cycle ergometer exercise at a work load predetermined to elicit a ventilatory minute volume (VE) of approximately 25 liter/min. Functional residual capacity was determined pre- and postexposure. Forced vital capacity was determined… CONTINUE READING