Pulmonary embolism due to liquid silicone: Case report

  title={Pulmonary embolism due to liquid silicone: Case report},
  author={Rafael de March Ronsoni and Fabiano Lu{\'i}s Schwingel and Lu{\'i}z Henrique Melo and Renata Zomer de Albernaz Muniz and Klaus Crespo Lourenço and Pedro Silva Corr{\^e}a de Magalh{\~a}es and Ana Paula da Luz},
Summary Currently, a rare, non-thrombotic cause of pulmonary embolism is being described, resulting from subcutaneous injection of industrial liquid silicone (Polydimethylsiloxane) carried out illicitly by untrained professionals. The most serious systemic complications are the result of pulmonary involvement, with an average mortality of 24%. We describe a fatal case of pulmonary embolism due to liquid silicone injection, in a transsexual male seen at our institution. 
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