Pulmonary effects of albumin resuscitation for severe hypovolemic shock.

  title={Pulmonary effects of albumin resuscitation for severe hypovolemic shock.},
  author={Donald W. Weaver and Anna M Ledgerwood and Charles E. Lucas and Robert Francis Higgins and David L. Bouwman and Stephen R D Johnson},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
  volume={113 4},
The effect of albumin when added to the resuscitation regimen of patients in hypovolemic shock was studied in a randomized prospective manner in 52 injured patients who received an average of 15.3 transfusions, 9.6 liters of balanced electrolyte solution, and 980 ml of fresh frozen plasma. Before and during operation, 27 patients received an average of 25 gm of albumin and 150 gm/day for three to five days. Patients who received albumin had greater dependence on respiratory support, averaging… CONTINUE READING