Pulmonary clearance of [99mTc]DTPA and [99mTc]albumin in smokers.


We measured the pulmonary clearance of [99mTc]DTPA and [99mTc]albumin for 3 h in 10 non-smokers and 10 healthy smokers. Seven of the non-smokers had a monoexponential clearance of [99mTc]DTPA with a mean half-life of 66 +/- 18 min. The other three had a biexponential clearance of [99mTc]DTPA with a fraction of radio-activity clearing rapidly (fF) of 14… (More)


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@article{Nilsson1997PulmonaryCO, title={Pulmonary clearance of [99mTc]DTPA and [99mTc]albumin in smokers.}, author={Kent W. Nilsson and Eva Evander and Per Wollmer}, journal={Clinical physiology}, year={1997}, volume={17 2}, pages={183-92} }