Pugs at Work: Bodily Capital and Bodily Labour among Professional Boxers

  title={Pugs at Work: Bodily Capital and Bodily Labour among Professional Boxers},
  author={Lo{\"i}c Wacquant},
  journal={Body \& Society},
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Counterpunching with culture: Boxers in relation to the dominant ideology

Numerous scholars have studied the sociological underpinnings of boxing and the boxing site; however, few studies have looked at the cultural level of boxing. This study endeavours to introduce

Bodies’ voices: bodily capitalization in Russian and British music video

ABSTRACT The article presents the results of a comparative visual analysis of popular Russian and British music videos. The sample was based on the most viewed music videos on YouTube in 2019. The

The Researcher’s Nightworkshop: A Methodology of Bodily and Cyber-Ethnographic Representations in Migration Studies

Migrants working the night shift (MWNS) have been invisible to the public eye for far too long. The failure to acknowledge the crucial role played by migrants working in the evening and night-time

Value, Bodily Capital, and Gender Inequality after Death

This article examines dead celebrities’ posthumous careers and considers how gendered inequalities around possession, value, and bodily capital are produced and consumed even after death. The concept

Manning Up: Modern Manhood, Rudimentary Pugilistic Capital, and Esquire Network’s White Collar Brawlers

Debuting in 2013, Esquire Network’s first season of White Collar Brawlers features professional-class men with workplace conflicts looking to “settle the score in the ring.” In the show, white-collar

Bodywork and bodily capital among youth using fitness gyms

ABSTRACT In this article, we explore what had become a predominant focus on the body and on shaping and refining the body through frequent, intensive workout and strict, controlled diets among a

Organizing masculine bodies in rugby league football: groomed to fail

In the article I argue that a study of high contact sports, such as rugby league, can illuminate a discursive space in which the production of organized, docile, masculine, bodies, engaged in

The game of (your) life: professional rugby careers

Taking the perspective that a professional sports person regards their sport-craft as work, it is timely to consider how this embodied, short, publically performance-measured, ultimately

‘Just Crumbling to Bits’? An Exploration of the Body, Ageing, Injury and Career in Classical Ballet Dancers

Ballet is, for reasons that are unclear, a neglected topic in the sociology of the body. Our article works on three levels: firstly, as an account of ex-dancers’‘lived experience’ of embodiment;

“Suffragettes in Satin Shorts”? Gender and Competitive Boxing

This study is an empirical and theoretical contribution to the burgeoning literature on gender and competitive boxing. By using Connell's concepts of labor, power, cathexis, and representation and a



Serenity: A Boxing Memoir

"This is a surprising book, a terrific book. It's not about boxing, but about an odd, demanding world in which boxing is the thread, the key to existence. Wiley deftly broadens the delineation of


For approximately 300 years, since the appearance of Francis Bacon's New Atlantis in 1627, the triumphant march of science and the increasing application of discoveries and inventions associated with

When bodies are weapons: Masculinity and violence in Sport

This paper utilizes a feminist theoretical framework to explore the contemporary social meanings of sports violence. Two levels of meaning are explored: first, the broad, socio-cultural and