Publicly Auditable MPC-as-a-Service with succinct verification and universal setup

  title={Publicly Auditable MPC-as-a-Service with succinct verification and universal setup},
  author={Sanket Kanjalkar and Ye Zhang and Shreyas Gandlur and Andrew K. Miller},
  journal={2021 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops (EuroS\&PW)},
In recent years, multiparty computation as a service (MPCaaS) has gained popularity as a way to build distributed privacy-preserving systems like blockchain trusted parameter setup ceremonies, and digital asset auctions. We argue that for many such applications, we should also require that the MPC protocol is publicly auditable, meaning that anyone can check the given computation is carried out correctly – even if the server nodes carrying out the computation are all corrupt. In a nutshell, the… 
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