Publication and dating of the journals forming the Annals and Magazine of Natural History and the Journal of Natural History

  title={Publication and dating of the journals forming the Annals and Magazine of Natural History and the Journal of Natural History},
  author={Neal L Evenhuis},
Pagination and dates of publication for almost 2,000 separate issues of the journals that formed the Annals and Magazine of Natural History and the Journal of Natural History are presented. These journals include: Magazine of Natural History (1828–1840), Magazine of Zoology and Botany (1836–1838), Annals of Natural History (1838–1840), the Annals and Magazine of Natural History (1841–1967), and the Journal of Natural History (1967–date). 
More than a number : clarifying the dates of publication of some papers of A. Doering on land and freshwater shells from Argentina and a note on his taxon Clessinia (Odontostomidae)
The dates of publication of ten papers of A. Doering published from 1874–1879 in two Argentinan journals are reviewed and the status of one taxon described in these papers, Clessinia Doering, is clarified.
Bibliography of Recent Literature in the History of Meteorology
The following is a bibliography of recent secondary literature in the history of meteorology, broadly conceived. It is presented in chronological order a) to illustrate the growth of history of
2,400 Years of Malacology
This paper provides a comprehensive catalog of biographical and bibliographical publications for over 12,000 malacologists, conchologists, paleontologists, and others with an interest in mollusks,
The zoological contributions of Andrew Smith (1797–1872) with an annotated bibliography and a numerical analysis of newly described animal species
The bibliography of all works authored by Andrew Smith is reconstructed here in detail, including for the first time items published in the Kaapstads Courant en Afrikaansche Berigter, and it is found that he was the author of 142 works between 1819 and 1849.
On two reports associated with James Wood-Mason and Alfred William Alcock published by the Indian Museum and the Indian Marine Survey between 1890 and 1891: implications for malacostracan nomenclature.
Two rare documents associated with the Indian Museum and the Indian Marine Survey for the administrative year April 1890 to March 1891 have been examined and found to have nomenclatural consequences
The zoological career of Jesse Walter Fewkes (1850–1930)
The life and zoological research of Jesse Walter Fewkes of the United States is examined, whose later career as a pioneer in cultural anthropology overshadowed his significant earlier contributions to zoology.
Reinforcing the foundations of ornithological nomenclature: Filling the gaps in Sherborn’s and Richmond’s historical legacy of bibliographic exploration
To make solid the foundations for ornithological nomenclature and taxonomy, especially for synonymies, ornithologists will need to collaborate much more and contribute to the digital infrastructure.
George James Allman (1812-1898): pioneer in research on Cnidaria and freshwater Bryozoa.
George James Allman (1812-1898), acclaimed for pioneering studies of Hydrozoa and Bryozoa, was born in Cork, Ireland and died 24 November 1898 in Parkstone, Dorset, England.
Nomenclatural Studies Toward a World List of Diptera Genus-Group Names. Part IV: Charles Henry Tyler Townsend.
The Diptera genus-group names of Charles Henry Tyler Townsend are reviewed and annotated and two new replacement names are proposed for preoccupied genus- group names.
Type specimens of non-fossil mammals in the Australian Museum, Sydney
This is the first published list of non-fossil mammal types in the AM Collection since the publication of Krefft’s catalogue in 1864, and includes taxa for which the type series has not been located since publication of the name.