Public open spaces in Nairobi City, Kenya, under threat

  title={Public open spaces in Nairobi City, Kenya, under threat},
  author={Micah Makworo and Caleb Mireri},
  journal={Journal of Environmental Planning and Management},
  pages={1107 - 1123}
  • M. Makworo, C. Mireri
  • Published 21 September 2011
  • History
  • Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
The paper demonstrates that public open spaces in Nairobi City have been increasingly threatened by congestion and deterioration as result of the rapid rate of urbanisation (5–7.5%), poor planning, weak management and illegal alienation. According to the 1948 Master Plan for the city, city planning was premised on the neighbourhood concept with ample provision of public open spaces. However, after Kenya's independence in 1963, the implementation of the Master Plan was largely abandoned. Rapid… 

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