Public health significance of zoonotic tapeworms in Korea.

  title={Public health significance of zoonotic tapeworms in Korea.},
  author={J R Moon},
  journal={International journal of zoonoses},
  volume={3 1},
  • J R Moon
  • Published in International journal of zoonoses 1976
Through an epidemiological review on the zoonotic tapeworms in Korea, the frequency and severity of the zoonoses have been recognized. Taeniasis and human cysticercosis are of importance to the public health in Korea. The frequency of taeniasis is 0.3% to 12.7% discovered by stool examination and 4.5% to 38.0% discovered by questionaire survey. Taeniasis occurs more frequently in males than in females and, especially, in both sexes in the age-group of 20 to 49. T. saginata is more common that T… CONTINUE READING


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