Public Perceptions of Newspaper's Watchdog Role

  title={Public Perceptions of Newspaper's Watchdog Role},
  author={Gerald C. Stone and Mary Kathleen O'Donnell and S. T. Banning},
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Results from this survey indicate that advocating the watchdog role for newspapers is not linked to frequency of newspaper use. Youth and education level are associated with that role. 

A critical discourse analysis of how South African publics engaged in the social media platform, Facebook, over Nkandlagate in 2015

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(1988). The Press and America: An Interpretive History of the Mass Media. American Journalism: Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 179-180.

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The Spectrum Year 9 Teacher File is the central resource from Spectrum Key Stage 3 Science, covering in detail Units 9A-L of the QCA Scheme of Work, each of which is broken down into several Topics.