Public Participation in Local Policy Decision-making: The Role of Web-based Mapping

  title={Public Participation in Local Policy Decision-making: The Role of Web-based Mapping},
  author={Richard Kingston},
  journal={The Cartographic Journal},
  pages={138 - 144}
  • R. Kingston
  • Published 2007
  • Geography
  • The Cartographic Journal
Abstract New methods of using on-line interactive mapping are reported with a specific focus on how citizens can participate in the delivery and management of everyday services in their neighbourhood. Particular emphasis will be placed on how ICTs can be used to facilitate the regeneration of inner city neighbourhoods through more integrated approaches to spatial data management. The paper examines how internet mapping is used by the public through an interactive Public Participation GIS and… Expand
Does mapping improve public participation? Exploring the pros and cons of using public participation GIS in urban planning practices
Abstract While participatory urban and regional planning have become a widely accepted approach to enhance the democratic aims of community and urban development, challenges still remain. PlannersExpand
Public Participation geographic information systems in developing countries: lessons from Uganda on the impacts of interactive screens PPGIS and community perceptions of space
Town planning is highly a community initiative, if community efforts are sought-after in the most convenient approach, sustainable plans are produced. In this study, an interactive screen, pen andExpand
Boosting Public Participation in Urban Planning Through the Use of Web GIS Technology: A Case Study of Stockholm County
Providing citizens with the robust and suitable tools to effectively participate in the planning process is a necessity nowadays. Also, changes in the capabilities and popularity of new technologiesExpand
Collaborative data practices in the neighborhood : an Amsterdam case study
An increasing amount of cities are trying to increase civic engagement by using digital tools and platforms which gather data in a variety of ways on relevant topics within the city. Tools andExpand
Abstract. Today municipalities are searching for new tools to empower locals for changing the future of their own areas by increasing their participation in different levels of urban planning. TheseExpand
Collection and Integration of Local Knowledge and Experience through a Collective Spatial Analysis
Although the Collective Spatial Analysis approach presented is in a subjective and initial stage, it does drive improvements in the collection and integration of knowledge and local experience, foremost among them is an interdisciplinary geo-consensus. Expand
Exploring web-based participation methods for urban planning
New Web-based participation methods, along with their possibilities and challenges are studied in an urban planning experiment in Pyhajarvi, Finland and indicate that a Web mapping application not only supports the traditional participation methods but may also change the nature of participation in the planning process. Expand
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Although Public Participation Geographic Information Systems (PPGIS) efforts have grown worldwide, there is a gap in the literature on implications of PPGIS for public administration. This chapterExpand
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Two modes of participatory engagement in local land use planning are contrasted and compared: the asynchronous mode enabled by Geoweb applications for collecting and deliberating public preferences,Expand
Mapping policies and programmes: the use of GIS to communicate spatial relationships in England
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Web-based public participation geographical information systems: an aid to local environmental decision-making
Current research examining the potential of the World-Wide Web as a means of increasing public participation in local environmental decision making in the UK is discussed. The paper considersExpand
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Ground truth : the social implications of geographic information systems
Representations in an electronic age - geography, GIS and democracy, John Pickles GIS and geographic research, Michael F. Goodchild GIS and geography, Peter J. Taylor and Ron J. Johnston geographicExpand
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Cartography is instinctive in origin and has evolved as a discipline, but it is now entering a revolutionary phase in its development. Although mapping is fundamentally cognitive, for centuries itExpand
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U radu autor prikazuje sadržaj i svoje viđenje knjige Organizacije za ekonomsku suradnju i razvoj objavljene 2001. godine pod naslovom Citizens as Partners: Information, Consultation and PublicExpand
Web Based PPGIS in the UK
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