Public Librarian Job Stressors and Burnout Predictors

  title={Public Librarian Job Stressors and Burnout Predictors},
  author={D. Smith and Bryan Bazalar and Maurice B. Wheeler},
  journal={Journal of Library Administration},
  pages={412 - 429}
Abstract Librarians experience a significant amount of job-related stress, which can lead to the psychological condition of burnout. This article explores existing literature on the subject and also details a new study undertaken by the authors. The study explored stressors, coping mechanisms, and the relationship between burnout predictors and reported stressors. Subjects of the study indicated that patron issues were the most prevalent stressor, while exercising, meditation, and breathing… 

Age as a Predictor of Burnout in Russian Public Librarians

Objective – Increasing life expectancy leads to an increase in the mean age of the workforce. The aging workforce implies new challenges for management and human resources. Existing findings on

Job Characteristics and Job Engagement: A Two-Wave Study among Library Employees

Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate whether coworker support moderates the relationship between role stressors and job engagement among library employees. Library employees (n = 96)

Assisting With Systematic Reviews Can Be Associated With Job-Related Burnout in Information Professionals

  • K. MacKenzie
  • Medicine
    Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  • 2020
Consistency, either in time spent dedicated to systematic reviews or in the use of a support tool, was associated with lower levels of burnout among librarians and information specialists.

The Emotional Labour of Public Library Work

Résumé This study seeks to extend the research on the emotional labour of public library workers. Because emotional labour is a relatively new concept in library and information science research,

Characteristics Influencing Academic Librarians’ Political Skills: Keys to Organizational Effectiveness and Career Success

Abstract Academic librarians seldom view their organizations through the political frame. Yet, strong political skills are necessary for organizational effectiveness and career success. Using the

Leadership, Communication, and Worker Wellbeing during the Early Pandemic Response

Abstract This study seeks to understand the impact of initial library responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States through December of 2020. Survey responses reflect the impact that



Organizational stressors and burnout in public librarians

It is suggested that structural interventions to deal with burnout among librarians can be managed by both changing the work-organization and training the employees in stress-management strategies.

Measurement of burnout and the influence of background characteristics in Greek academic librarians

Purpose – The purpose of the present study is to measure levels of burnout among Greek academic librarians and to assess its relation with certain background

Job burnout.

The focus on engagement, the positive antithesis of burnout, promises to yield new perspectives on interventions to alleviate burnout.

Workplace aggression: the effects of harassment on job burnout and turnover intentions

This article analyses the impact of harassment on job burnout and turnover intentions among a large sample of hospital nurses in Britain. It compares the effects of insider-initiated harassment from

Burnout at the Reference Desk.

This paper draws upon the current social sciences literature and applies it to the library reference service setting and presents Burnout symptoms and suggested remedies for the individual affected as well as co-workers and managers.

Early predictors of job burnout and engagement.

A longitudinal study predicted changes in burnout or engagement a year later by identifying 2 types of early indicators at the initial assessment, and discussed in terms of the enhanced ability to customize interventions for targeted groups within the workplace.

Stress in the library workplace

Purpose – This article aims to help people understand the impact that stress has on library employees and the library as an organization.Design/methodology/approach – This article is based on

Stress among reference library staff in academic and public libraries

This is the first research on the stress of the reference library staff in the academic and public libraries in the country and contributes to the understanding of the work-related stress in the libraries.

Unique Aspects of Stress in Human Service Work

Two unique stressors associated with human service work are emotional dissonance, particularly the need to hide negative emotions (emotion work), and client/customer-related social stressors. The

Coping with Stress: Social Work Students and Humour

In social work, humour is being increasingly accepted as a strategy for coping with stress. The literature does not indicate whether humour is acquired on the job or is a characteristic of people