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Public Interest Litigation in India: A Critical Review

  title={Public Interest Litigation in India: A Critical Review},
  author={Surya Deva},
  • S. Deva
  • Published 22 June 2009
  • Political Science
Public interest litigation (PIL) has a vital role in the civil justice system in that it could achieve those objectives which could hardly be achieved through conventional private litigation. PIL, for instance, offers a ladder to justice to disadvantaged sections of society, provides an avenue to enforce diffused or collective rights, and enables civil society to not only spread awareness about human rights but also allows them to participate in government decision making. PIL could also… 

Women’s Right to Access to Justice: The Role of Public Interest Litigation in Bangladesh

Access to the justice system is key to redressing violations of human rights. In Bangladesh, women’s rights to access to justice, especially those of women in marginalised and disadvantaged

Litigation as TB Rights Advocacy

  • K. McBroom
  • Political Science
    Health and human rights
  • 2016
It is concluded that litigation can be a crucial advocacy and accountability tool for people living with TB and their allies.

Using public interest litigation for tobacco control: Insights from India

PIL is explored as a potent and effective tool for claiming public health rights related to tobacco control and potential avenues through which lessons and recommendations pertaining to PIL could be incorporated into the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control implementation plans and guidelines are suggested.


This article seeks to discuss whether and how the judicial system has been assuming a new institutional role in the design of public policies aimed at promoting of Economical Social and Cultural

Access to Justice: Human Rights Abuses Involving Corporations – India

The 1984 Bhopal gas disaster involving Union Carbide provoked a marked shift in perceptions concerning the conduct of corporations in India, leading to the enactment of stricter laws, emergence of

Access to Justice: Human Rights Abuses Involving Corporations – the People's Republic of China

This Report examines how the Chinese legal order can both limit and aid access to justice for victims of corporate human rights abuses. Although the Chinese legal system has established liability for

Citizen Participation and Political Accountability for Public Service Delivery in India

A state’s accountability to its citizens for public service delivery constitutes a central component of the democratic polity. But how to assure this accountability? The answer lies in the linkage

Pro Bono and Corporate Legal Sector in India

By undertaking a qualitative empirical research on the pro bono practices of the top tier corporate law firms in India, this paper seeks to fill up an important informational vacuum about pro bono

Commonalities in the Law and Development Movement and the Indian Public Interest Litigation: Reconsidering the Roots of Their Current Difficulties

  • Hajime Sato
  • Law
    The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law
  • 2019
Seemingly unrelated two legal phenomena, the law and development movement (LDM) and the Indian public interest litigation (PIL) share some commonalities. First, they have been supported by the