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Public Housing in Australia: Stigma, Home and Opportunity

  title={Public Housing in Australia: Stigma, Home and Opportunity},
  author={Rowland Atkinson and K. Jacobs},
Our aim in this paper is to stimulate debate about the role of public housing. We have set out to provide an analysis of the causes of its problematic status alongside suggestions to secure substantial improvements, that could create a housing sector better geared to providing opportunity and inclusion, rather than stressing difference and non-participation. At a time when public and political attention is turning towards ways to invest in the future of our communities there are real… Expand
Evaluating social and affordable housing reform in Australia: lessons to be learned from history*
Significant changes were introduced to the finance of social and affordable rental housing in Australia from 2007. These aimed to restructure social housing provision and encourage an increase in theExpand
The residualisation of social housing in Australia and its impacts on older tenants
Social housing, although it is a small part of Australia’s housing stock, has historically played a vital role in accommodating low-income families. This chapter, drawing on 45 in-depth interviewsExpand
The stigmatisation of social housing: findings from a panel investigation
This report presents the findings from a panel investigation established to consider the impact of stigma for social housing residents and the policies that can be deployed to mitigate its effects.Expand
Service directions and issues in social housing for Indigenous households in urban and regional areas
This research is investigating how social housing services are provided to Indigenous clients in urban and regional settings. It is underpinned by recognition of the status of Aboriginal and TorresExpand
Research, development and innovation: the case of social housing in Mt Druitt, NSW.
Government and other community-oriented public and private organisations are increasingly pursuing more integrated ways of working to create innovative solutions to complex and concurrent urbanExpand
Damned by Place, then by Politics: Spatial Disadvantage and the Housing Policy-research Interface
Abstract In this paper we engage with some fundamental questions about the focus and conduct of academic research and its potential influence on policy in relation to social problems. We use theExpand
Home security: marketisation and the changing face of housing assistance in Australia
Chapter 7 of the book, Markets, rights and power in Australian social policy, edited by Gabrielle Meagher and Susan Goodwin, and published by Sydney University Press. This chapter, by Lucy GroenhartExpand
‘Housing risk’ and the neoliberal discourse of responsibilisation in Victoria
The article examines the representation of housing risk in contemporary Australian policy discourse through a critical analysis of two policy texts from the recent Victorian Coalition governmentExpand
What future for public housing? A critical analysis
This report is the final output of a study that considers the long-term future of public housing in Australia and the capacity of State Housing Authorities (SHAs) to address household need andExpand
Public housing in Australia: A case of advanced urban marginality?
The decision in the early 1990s to cut back on the building of public housing intensified the already dire shortage of affordable housing and increased the marginalisation of the sector. To beExpand


Challenging the Stigma of Public Housing: Preliminary Findings from a Qualitative Study in South Australia
Many poor suburbs in Australia with higher than average numbers of public housing tenants do not simply suffer material disadvantage but also suffer from poor reputations that are reinforced thoughExpand
Public Housing and Intergovernmental Reform in the 1990s
The problem identified in this paper is twofold. One is the plight of public housing at the end of the decade, with State programs undermined by Commonwealth funding cuts; the other is the problem ofExpand
Opportunities and Constraints in State Housing Policy: The Example of Tasmania's ‘Affordable Housing Strategy’
The lack of Commonwealth government funds for public housing has encouraged state governments across Australia to develop ‘Affordable Housing Strategies’ to address the problems that result from theExpand
Public housing in Australia is in decline: The facts speak for themselves
This article is a brief statistical overview of the decline in the capacity of the public housing system using figures presented in the Commonwealth government Housing Assistance Act reports. It doesExpand
Inclusion or Exclusion? The Role of Housing Subsidies and Benefits
This paper explores the reasons why the UK has ended up with such an extensive system of intervention in the housing market, particularly through providing subsidised council and housing associationExpand
Workforce Disincentive Effects of Housing Allowances and Public Housing for Low Income Households in Australia
There is emerging interest in whether, and how, different types of rental housing assistance contribute to disincentives to entering paid work or working more hours. Using Australia as an example,Expand
Why is it important to boost the supply of affordable housing in Australia—and how can we do it?
Housing affordability has fallen in Australia over the past decade, in spite of sustained economic growth in the national economy. This paper argues that this outcome raises serious economic andExpand
Large social housing estates: From stigma to demolition?
It is curious that the most frequently reviewed and well thought-out large housing estates are now the areas with the worst image. Image is an important factor of a neighbourhood’s popularity,Expand
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