Public Dreams: Berryman, Celebrity, and the Culture of Confession

  title={Public Dreams: Berryman, Celebrity, and the Culture of Confession},
  author={David Haven Blake},
  journal={American Literary History},
  pages={716 - 736}
  • D. Blake
  • Published 1 December 2001
  • Art
  • American Literary History
In a 1992 commentary in the Partisan Review, William Phillips reflected on the many questions raised by Diane Wood Middlebrook's biography of Anne Sexton. Although much of the press had focused on Middlebrook's use of the audiotapes Sexton made of sessions with her therapist, Phillips chose to bypass that particular controversy, calling instead for a sterner, more critical account of the poet's life. Without a sense of judgment, the book had created a "sense of adulation of poets and poetry… 
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