Ptychadena in Mauritania and the first record of Ptychadena schillukorum

  title={Ptychadena in Mauritania and the first record of Ptychadena schillukorum},
  author={Alberto S{\'a}nchez‐Vialas and Marta Calvo-Revuelta and Rafael M{\'a}rquez},
  pages={125 - 133}
Abstract The study of specimens of the genus Ptychadena of the herpetological collection of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid reveals the first record of Ptychadena schillukorum from Mauritania, extending the known distribution range of the species in West Africa more than 450 km northwards. A key is provided for the four Mauritanian species of Ptychadena to solve problems in identification encountered in previous studies. 

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