Ptosis caused by pachydermoperiostosis.

  title={Ptosis caused by pachydermoperiostosis.},
  author={Atilla Arinci and Burçak T{\"u}merdem and Mehmet Karan and Nilg{\"u}n Erten and Nesimi B{\"u}y{\"u}kbabani},
  journal={Annals of plastic surgery},
  volume={49 3},
A 39-year-old man with pachydermoperiostosis is presented. He had enlarged, thickened upper eyelids that made it difficult for him to open his eyes. Eyelid correction was performed by resecting the excessive skin and orbicularis muscle in a fusiform shape and shortening the levator aponeurosis by plication. A wedge resection of the lateral third of the upper lid shortened the horizontal width and also changed the unpleasant fan shape to a better shape, with a natural curvature of the lid. The… CONTINUE READING

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