Psychotropic drugs as potential antitumor agents: a selective screening study.

  title={Psychotropic drugs as potential antitumor agents: a selective screening study.},
  author={John S. Driscoll and N R Melnick and F. Russell Quinn and Nicoletta Lomax and J. Paul Davignon and Richard Ing and B J Abott and G F Congleton and L E Dudeck},
  journal={Cancer treatment reports},
  volume={62 1},
Compounds with known psychotropic properties were tested for activity in murine ip L1210 leukemia and B 16 melanoma in a protocol designed to obtain leads for new antitumor agents which might also possess central nervous system (CNS) antitumor properties. Barbiturates and hallucinogenic compounds were the only compound types deliberately excluded. Representatives from most of the other known CNS agent classes were included among the 297 psychotropic drugs evaluated. Sixteen of these agents were… CONTINUE READING
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