[Psychosomatic effects of respiratory autogenic training relaxation].


The effects of R.A.T. relaxation, as we have been able to verify during an experiment conducted by a group of doctors of various specialisations at the Catholic University of Medicine in Rome, allow recovery of the availability to recognize ones' self in others and others in one's self, and to overcome the manipulation situation which persists in groups of competitive training. In groups which undergo R.A.T. relaxation, it in fact happens that the participant, in the same degree to which he trains himself to overtake his own psychosomativ hallucinations, is able to free himself from certain substitute and negative mechanisms of the mind, can better adhere to or separate himself from his body or from the environment thus obtaining as a result the re-organisation of the emotional economy at the disposal of the Ego. Such an experiment can evidently turn out to be quite formative and useful for the successive approach between doctor and patient.

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