Psychosocial burden of beta-thalassaemia major in Antalya, south Turkey.

  title={Psychosocial burden of beta-thalassaemia major in Antalya, south Turkey.},
  author={Duran Canatan and Siret Ratip and Saniye Kaptan and R{\"u}ya Coşan},
  journal={Social science & medicine},
  volume={56 4},
beta-thalassaemia is a recessively inherited blood disorder characterised by chronic anaemia. It requires monthly blood transfusions and regular iron chelation. Thousands of affected children are born annually and the magnitude of the problem is most severe in developing countries. Ninety-nine children and 32 adults with thalassaemia major, and 112 parents of patients were interviewed in Antalya, south Turkey, using specifically designed questionnaires to evaluate psychosocial burden. The… CONTINUE READING