Psychosocial benefits of postmastectomy lymphedema therapy.

  title={Psychosocial benefits of postmastectomy lymphedema therapy.},
  author={Bev Mirolo and Ian H Bunce and Marianne Chapman and Tone Olsen and Paul E Eliadis and Jill M. Hennessy and Lynley C Ward and L Camille Jones},
  journal={Cancer nursing},
  volume={18 3},
The effect of a comprehensive lymphedema management program was assessed in 25 patients in whom moderate to severe lymphedema had developed after surgery and/or radiotherapy for carcinoma of the breast. Intensive treatment (4 weeks) involved massage, compression bandaging, and sequential pneumatic compression, with an adjunct program of education to provide skills in exercise, massage, bandage, and containment garment use. The intensive treatment phase was followed by a self-management phase… CONTINUE READING
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