Psychosocial aspects of women with polycystic ovary syndrome from south India.


BACKGROUND Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), though initially manifesting with reproductive and cosmetic symptoms is a harbinger of insulin resistance syndrome. It is associated with psychological distress in both management as well as in its etiology. There are no Indian studies on psychological stress in women with PCOS. METHODS Ninety nine women who presented with PCOS to the Endocrinology clinic were administered Goldberg's GHQ 28 (General Health Questionnaire) to assess psychological status, along with clinical, hormonal and ultrasound evaluation. RESULTS Fifty four percent had a GHQ28 score >8. Among them 38% had a family size <4, 72% had obesity, 70% had hirsutism, 72% had a waist circumference >88 cm and 69% had a F/G score >4 . All these variables were statistically significant; p < 0.05 using Chi-square test. CONCLUSION Women presenting with PCOS had increased psychological distress, which was related to smaller size of family, and more severe physical manifestations of the condition.

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