[Psychosocial approach of the speech of women in metastatic relapse of a breast cancer: the question of temporality].


The "relapse", this word so much dreaded by the patients reached of a cancer because it symbolizes the return of the disease and the treatments in the person's life and his entourage. This diagnosis once established mark the entry into a chronic phase of the cancerous disease, involving the future of people and their report at time. In this context, we believe it is important to identify the subjective and social aspects of the experience of this difficult moment in the course of the disease, by taking account the report at the time of the patients. In this article, we propose a study of these different aspects through a double analysis (lexical thematic manual and with a computer) of semi-structured interviews conducted with patients in metastatic relapse of a breast cancer. The report at time was operationalized at the same time as a variable of personality by using the scale of temporal prospect (PT) Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory ZTPI and through the different linguistic markers, indicators of meaning in the stories of patients. The results of this double analysis highlight different aspects of the speech of the patients, reflecting investments different in the disease at the time of the relapse and and, depending on age and time profiles of patients. However, these results illustrate the links between some aspects of time focusing on the stories of patients and the strategies of adjustments which result from this, allowing an articulation of these concepts around the notion of control.

DOI: 10.1684/bdc.2008.0704

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