[Psychosocial and medical conditions for suicidal behaviors among children and young people in Lublin Province].


UNLABELLED Young people belong to the group especially exposed to suicidal behaviours. The period of puberty and early adolescence is full of strong emotions and feelings. Mental and emotional maturity do not follow biological one, which results in extreme moods and unstable psyche. Disturbed relations within the family or loss of hope for successful future very often evoke feeling of hopelessness inadequate to everyday life problems. that is why suicide seems to be the best solution to get rid of all problems. It is also one of the ways to demonstrate the needs of young people. The aim of the study is to recognize a number of conditions affecting the decision on committing a suicide. The method was based on statistical analysis of data stored in the District Police Headquarters in Lublin as well as death certificates in Lublin Province. Analysis included suicides among inhabitants of Lublin Province. The study comprised suicides committed between 1 January 1997-30 December 2000. RESULTS Cases of suicides among children are the most worrying ones. They constitute 40.6% death causes among people between 10-14 years. The most frequent causes include: lack of security, understanding and love from parents. Two main groups of causes may be distinguished in people between 15-24 years. The first one includes deep experiences related to breaking up with a loving person. The second group is associated with biological side of our life that is somatic diseases, their progression and lack of prognosis for recovery. CONCLUSION Participation of children and young people in suicides has a tendency to increase in comparison to years 1989-1996. The most frequent cause of death is pathology in family life. Normally functioning family is the most important prophylactic factor leading to suicides. It is essential to introduce suicidal prophylaxis in schools. Knowledge of presuicidal syndrome is necessary for both teachers and general practitioners.

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