Psychopathology in the 21st century.

  title={Psychopathology in the 21st century.},
  author={Michael Musalek and Ver{\'o}nica Larach-Walters and J. -P. Lepine and Bruno Millet and Wolfgang Gaebel},
  journal={The world journal of biological psychiatry : the official journal of the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry},
  volume={11 7},
OBJECTIVES The present publication sets out to evaluate the position of psychopathology in the 21st century and should also serve as a basis for defining the framework for the future tasks of the WFSBP Task Force. METHODS Review of publications on the various approaches of psychopathology in general and of different tasks, theories and tools of psychopathology approaches in particular. RESULTS The main tasks of psychopathology are, to record and describe experiential and behavioral… CONTINUE READING