Psychopathology and personality traits in patients with treated Wilson disease grouped according to gene mutations.


Wilson disease (WD) is a recessively inherited copper storage disorder mainly affecting liver and brain. Genotype/phenotype correlations have been report ed but as yet not regarding psychic symptoms. Our aim was to investigate if a correlation might exist between genotype and phenotype concerning psychopathology and/or personality traits in patients with treated WD. Nine homozygous and three compound heterozygous Swedish patients were retrospectively investigated, representing four different mutation settings. Psychopathological symptoms were studied using the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale (CPRS), personality traits using the Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP) and mutations were analyzed by manifold sequencing. Psychopathological symptoms: Patients with the Trp779Stop mutation had the lowest scores on the total CPRS, due to less pronounced reported CPRS items, as compared to the other three groups of patients. Compound heterozygotes for the His1069Gln/Arg1319Stop mutation showed the highest total CPRS scores. Personality traits: Patients homozygous for the Trp779Stop and the Thr977Met mutations had high scores on Psychopathy related scales whereas patients with His1069Gln/Arg1319Stop mutations had the lowest scores on these scales. Serum ceruloplasmin levels were undetectable in all patients with the Trp779Stop and Thr977Met mutations. The results show a trend towards a genotype/phenotype correlation regarding psychopathological symptoms and personality traits in treated patients with WD. If replicable, these results might contribute to the elucidation of the possible clinical importance of functionally deleterious gene mutations in WD psychopathology and personality traits.

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