[Psychopathological syndromes and the problem of youth sexual orientation].


AIM The objective of the paper is to present of ideas on relationships between sexual orientation and sanity of individuals. METHOD The authors present a review of scientific news published by researchers, enhanced with case studies and formation of crucial factors leading to the evolution of psychiatric perturbations of the described cases. RESULTS Analysis of the papers and self made research lead to the conclusion, that the most important risk factor for psychopathologic syndrome evolution in homosexuals and bisexuals is their social stigmatisation.

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@article{ucka2006PsychopathologicalSA, title={[Psychopathological syndromes and the problem of youth sexual orientation].}, author={Izabela Łucka and Magdalena Trybus-Piotrowska and Renata Rzeszotarska-Wichorowska}, journal={Psychiatria polska}, year={2006}, volume={40 6}, pages={1129-36} }