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Psychology of acculturation.

  title={Psychology of acculturation.},
  author={John W. Berry},
  journal={Nebraska Symposium on Motivation. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation},
  • J. Berry
  • Published 1989
  • Psychology
  • Nebraska Symposium on Motivation. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation
Language of Instruction and Puerto Rican First Graders' Ethnic Categorizations
Language of Instruction and Puerto Rican First Graders’ Ethnic Categorization by Margarita Marichal MEd, University of Houston, 1990 BA, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, 1988 Dissertation
Impact of Immigration on Native and Ethnic Consumer Identity via Body Image
This research focuses on consumer identity of two under-researched but growing immigrant communities in Australia via the lens of the body image construct. Consistent with an emerging stream of
Prejudice, Social Dominance, and Similarity among People who Favor Integration of Minorities
The results reveal a need to modify existing measures of integration and recommend using questionnaires to measure behaviors that members of the majority would be willing to implement, and a three-cluster solution was most fitting for every outgroup.
An Exploration of how Secondary Schools Promote a Sense of Belonging with Pupils who are International New Arrivals (INA)
A ?sense of belonging? has been found to have positive effects for all children in school. However, it may be difficult to promote with INA pupils who face cultural, language and systemic barriers.
Stress and coping of Asian young women at a college of further education.
Abstract This study set out to examine the experiences of stress and coping of Asian young women in a college of further education. Using an emancipatory approach, within a qualitative framework,
Becoming Biculturally Competent an Autoethnographic Journey of a Guera Woman
Becoming Biculturally Competent an Autoethnographic Journey of a Guera Woman Bernadette Hall-Cuaron ABSTRACT This dissertation represents a personalized account of my lived experiences and
Identification with ancestral culture is associated with fewer internalizing problems among older Naskapi adolescents
The magnitude of the inverse relation between identification with Indigenous culture and number of clinical internalizing symptoms appears to increase in significance later in adolescence, and the need to consider both cultures individually without the assumption that one negates the other is suggested.
Climatic effects on the sociocultural and psychological adaptation of migrants within China: A longitudinal test of two competing perspectives
Little is known about how climatic differences may psychologically impact individuals who migrate from one geographical area to another. A climatic demand theory perspective suggests that migration
Consciously Becoming Black: A Phenomenological Exploration of Black Sub-Saharan African International Students' Racial Identity Development at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the American South
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