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Psychology of Women

  title={Psychology of Women},
  author={Kate Friedlander},
  journal={Mental Health},
  pages={82 - 83}
Throughout her career as a psycho-analyst, Helene Deutsch has been interested in the specific factors of female psychology and has written various papers on the subject. In this book the author makes the attempt to give a full picture of the emotional development of girls from prepuberty onwards. She illustrates her contentions by a rich case material, gained in part by the psycho-analytical method, in part taken from 
The menstrual cycle as a subject of psychoanalytic inquiry.
  • Susan Kolod
  • Psychology
    The journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry
  • 2010
Clinicians should ask questions about menstrual experience to help patients contact, articulate, and give credence to all aspects of the self in psychoanalytic inquiry.
Cyclones, Bi-Cycles, and Psychoanalysis: the Witch-of-Us? Complex and the Wizard of Oz
  • J. Stern
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
  • 2003
The author argues that the popularity and importance of the film is an effect of its symbolic representation of a girl's entry into menarche, and the meaning of this milestone for herself and for her mother.
The Psychology of Women: An Overview of an Emerging Field
The following article describes the background and cur rent state of the field of the psychology of women and its relation ship to traditional areas of psychology. Increases in the number of
Sexism in Personal Growth Groups: A Partial Remedy
The thesis of this paper is that female participants in educational personal growth groups often have needs and goals that are different from those of male participants. Theoretical and research
Functionalism, Darwinism, and the Psychology of Women A Study in Social Myth
The psychology of women is acquiring the character of an academic entity as witnessed by the proliferation of research on sex differences, the appearance of textbooks devoted to the psychology of
Traditional Therapy Fits Traditional Womanhood
The dynamics of the therapeutic relationship includes a more dependent, suffering individual who seeks assistance from a stronger, more independent, non-suffering individual. Bardwick (1) writes that
Rapists, Victims and Society
Let me start with a seemingly paradoxical question: Is there rape? Not in the legal, well defined, sense, but from a psychodynamic point of view. Again, let a woman speak first. Helene Deutsch in her
Conception and dream material during psychoanalysis
A dream “announcing” her conception and describing in symbolic terms physiological processes associated with the early stages of pregnancy was reported by a female analysand 4 days after she and her
Helene Deutsch: A New Look
  • B. Webster
  • Psychology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1985
Her theoretical model for female development presumes that women, unlike men, must compensate for basic constitutional drawbacks; she emphasizes feminine masochism and passivity, and, as feminists point out, she gives a biological basis to these qualities.
The Psychology of Violent Female Offenders: A Sex-Role Perspective
*Barbara Bunch is an associate professor of psychology at the University of North Florida, where she specializes in psychotherapy and stress management. Linda A. Foley is an associate professor and