Psychology of Computer Use: XLVII. Parameters of Internet Use, Abuse and Addiction: The First 90 Days of the Internet Usage Survey

  title={Psychology of Computer Use: XLVII. Parameters of Internet Use, Abuse and Addiction: The First 90 Days of the Internet Usage Survey},
  author={Viktor Brenner},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
  pages={879 - 882}
  • Viktor Brenner
  • Published 1 June 1997
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • Psychological Reports
While the addictive potential of Internet usage is a topic that has attracted a great deal of attention, as yet little research has addressed this topic. Preliminary data from the Internet Usage Survey shows that most of the 563 users reported instances of Internet use interfering with other aspects of their lives, most commonly problems with managing time. A subgroup of users endorsed multiple usage-related problems, including several similar to those found in addictions. Younger users tended… 

A Review of the Research on Internet Addiction

Research indicates that maladaptive patterns of Internet use constitute behavioral addiction. This article explores the research on the social effects of Internet addiction. There are four major

Potential determinants of heavier internet usage

While poorer self-esteem predicted greater scores on the Internet Related Problem Scale, impulsivity did not, and researchers need to re-assess previous conceptualizations of the typical “computer addict” as a highly educated, male introvert with a constant need for intellectual stimulation.

Shyness and Locus of Control as Predictors of Internet Addiction and Internet Use

Results indicated that the higher the tendency of one being addicted to the Internet, the shyer the person is, the less faith the person has, the firmer belief the person holds in the irresistible power of others, and the higher trust the person places on chance in determining his or her own course of life.

Analysis of the Indicators of Pathological Internet Use in Spanish University Students

It is suggested that excessive Internet use is associated with the onset of several problems that are similar to those associated with other behavioral and technological addictions.

The Association Between Internet User Characteristics and Dimensions of Internet Addiction Among Greek Adolescents

This study examined how internet users’ psychological characteristics, amount of internet use and demographic factors contribute to particular dimensions of internet addiction. The sample consisted

Perspectives on Internet Addiction, Problematic Internet Use, and Deficient Self-Regulation: Contributions of Communication Research

This chapter reviews the contributions of communication research in the study of Internet addiction, problematic Internet use, and deficient self-regulation. A history of media addictions is

Problematic Internet use among college students : an exploratory survey research study

The Internet has become an important part of many people’s lives across the world since its first launching in 1960s. In spite of its many beneficial roles for various new applications and services,

Internet Addiction among Adolescents: A Review of the Research

The main aim of this paper is to give a preferably brief overview of research on IAD.

Psychological Characteristics of Compulsive Internet Use: A Preliminary Analysis

The main findings of the study supported previous research indicating that approximately 6% of those surveyed met the criteria for Internet addiction and supported the compulsive nature of Internet use for certain individuals.

Intervention for Internet Use: Current Understanding and Perspective

The interventions based on psychological models aim to achieve abstinence and controlled use and enable the users to build up lifestyle changes and promotion of healthy use of Internet.



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