Psychological pressure and the right to determine the moves in dynamic tournaments - evidence from a natural field experiment

  title={Psychological pressure and the right to determine the moves in dynamic tournaments - evidence from a natural field experiment},
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The Impact of Psychological Traits on Performance Under Pressure—Experimental Evidence of Handball Penalties
Our field experiment analyzes the influence of psychological traits on performance in sequential games. It uses handball penalties thrown under individual, team, or tournament incentives in the ABBA


Decision Making and Underperformance in Competitive Environments: Evidence from the National Hockey League
type="main"> We find evidence of suboptimal decisions leading to underperformance in a policy experiment where two teams of professionals compete in a tournament (National Hockey League shootout)
Psychological Pressure in Competitive Environments: New Evidence from Randomized Natural Experiments
Data from a randomized natural experiment-penalty shootouts in soccer-is reexamine and fails to detect any significant first-mover advantage, fully consistent with recent evidence from other sports contests.
Large stakes and big mistakes
Workers in a wide variety of jobs are paid based on performance, which is commonly seen as enhancing effort and productivity relative to non-contingent pay schemes. However, psychological research
Penalty kicks in soccer: an empirical analysis of shooting strategies and goalkeepers’ preferences
It is suggested that the best shooting strategy of penalty kicks may be to aim to the upper two corners, which should help in reducing the possible miss rate of such kicks.
Rational Adversaries? Evidence from Randomised Trials in One Day Cricket
In cricket, the right to make an important strategic decision (bat first or field first) is assigned via a coin toss. I use these 'randomised trials' to examine the consistency of choices made by