Psychological outcome 4 years after restrictive bariatric surgery.

  title={Psychological outcome 4 years after restrictive bariatric surgery.},
  author={Ramona Burgmer and Tanja Legenbauer and Astrid M{\"u}ller and Martina de Zwaan and Charlotte F. Fischer and Stephan Herpertz},
  journal={Obesity surgery},
  volume={24 10},
Extreme obesity is associated with severe psychiatric and somatic comorbidity and impairment of psychosocial functioning. Bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment not only with regard to weight loss but also with obesity-associated illnesses. Health-related psychological and psychosocial variables have been increasingly considered as important outcome variables of bariatric surgery. However, the long-term impact of bariatric surgery on psychological and psychosocial functioning is… CONTINUE READING

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