Psychological burden in the era of HAART: impact of selenium therapy.

  title={Psychological burden in the era of HAART: impact of selenium therapy.},
  author={Gail Shor-Posner and Robert Lecusay and M P M{\'i}guez and Geraldine Moreno-Black and Guoyan Zhang and Noaris Rodriguez and Ximena Burbano and Marianna K. Baum and Frances L. Wilkie},
  journal={International journal of psychiatry in medicine},
  volume={33 1},
OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of nutritional (selenium) chemoprevention on levels of psychological burden (anxiety, depression, and mood state) in HIV/AIDS. METHOD A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled selenium therapy (200 microg/day) trial was conducted in HIV+ drug users from 1998-2000. Psychosocial measures (STAI-State and Trait anxiety, BDI-depression, and POMS- mood state), clinical status (CD4 cell count, viral load), and plasma selenium levels were determined at baseline… CONTINUE READING
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