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Psychological behavior in sport

  title={Psychological behavior in sport},
  author={Richard B. Alderman},
Perceptions of risk, incentive and situational influences in young climbing groups
The research has sought to shed light on decision making among climbing groups while on expedition by identifying and correlating the major factors that affect it. Perspectives from the psychologyExpand
Designing engaging non-parallel exertion games through game balancing
Exertion games are digital games that encourage physical activity. Understanding how to make these games engaging is therefore important for promoting physical activity. Game balancing to mitigateExpand
Sex and age incentives in sport
This investigation assessed the hierarchical structure of athletes' incentive systems across age and sex. The Birch and Veroff (1966) model of incentive motivation provided the theoretical frameworkExpand
The relationship between personality and performance of Canadian women intercollegiate basketball players
\ The purpose of the study was to determine if personality characteristics related to successful participants in Canadian women's intercollegiate basketball could be identified. It was hypothesizedExpand
A comparative study on the locus of control of athletes and nonathletes of Kodagu district Dr .
The purpose of the study is to find out the difference in locus of control among athletes and nonathletes and to analyze the gender difference in locus of control among athletes and nonathletes. TheExpand
General Psychological Factors Affecting Physical Performance and Sports
Sport psychology help professional and amateur athletes to deal with their problems, improve their performance and achieve their goals. Sports psychology can even help people outside the playground.Expand
A comparative study of emotional intelligence between sports women ’ s and non-sports women ’ s of Karnataka state women ’ s university
Even though several measures of emotional intelligence are available based on different models, Salovey and Mayer’s (1990) original model seems to be more theoretically cohesive and comprehensiveExpand