Psychological and social adjustment of obese children and their families.

  title={Psychological and social adjustment of obese children and their families.},
  author={H T Banis and James W Varni and Jan Lance Wallander and Barbara M Korsch and Sylvia Jay and Robert Adler and E Garcia-Temple and Vida F Negrete},
  journal={Child: care, health and development},
  volume={14 3},
The psychological and social adjustment of 30 obese children and their families was examined. Mothers completed the Child Behaviour Checklist and the Family Environment Scale; children completed the Self-Perception Profile for Children. The results consistently indicate that the obese children were less socially competent, had more behaviour problems, and had poorer self-perceptions than the non-obese normative samples. Families of obese children differed significantly from families in the non… CONTINUE READING

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