Psychological and physiological characteristics of sweet food "addiction".

  title={Psychological and physiological characteristics of sweet food "addiction".},
  author={Tiina Tuomisto and Marion M. Hetherington and Mark F Morris and Martti T. Tuomisto and V. Turjanmaa and Raimo Lappalainen},
  journal={The International journal of eating disorders},
  volume={25 2},
OBJECTIVE Drug addicts in general can be distinguished from nonaddicts by their affective and physiological and craving responses to drug-related cues. The purpose of this study was to examine similar affective, physiological, and behavioral variables in chocolate "addicts" and control subjects. METHODS Sixteen addicts and 15 control subjects took part in two laboratory experiments in which their heart rate, salivation, and self-reported responses were measured. RESULTS In the presence of… CONTINUE READING


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