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Psychological Effects of Human Trafficking on the Second Generation

  title={Psychological Effects of Human Trafficking on the Second Generation},
  author={Katerina Calvo},
(Trauma, human trafficking, transgenerational) This thesis explores how the traumatic experience of human trafficking can have a psychological effect on the second-generation. As there is a lack of research and literature on the transgenerational traumatization of human trafficking, this is a comparative work that examines and compares the characteristics and effects of three other forms of trauma: torture, sexual assault, and the Holocaust. This paper then extrapolates to consider what similar… Expand
Trafficking of women for domestic and sexual exploitation has devastating consequences for women survivors rescued in South Africa. Empirical findings revealed that women survivors of humanExpand
The Role of New Generation in Preventing Human Trafficking in Sidrap Regency in Indonesia
This paper explores the role of new generation in preventing human trafficking in Sidrap Regency in Indonesia. New generation plays a significant role in detecting, preventing and combating humanExpand


Children in families of torture victims: transgenerational transmission of parents’ traumatic experiences to their children
This article details a study to test the hypothesis that immigrant children whose parents have been tortured before coming to Sweden suffer from depressive symptoms, post-traumatic stress symptoms,Expand
Transmission of response to trauma? Second-generation Holocaust survivors' reaction to cancer.
Second-generation Holocaust survivors are particularly vulnerable to psychological distress and, when faced with a trauma such as breast cancer, react with extreme psychological distress. Expand
Psychological sequelae of combat violence: A review of the impact of PTSD on the veteran's family and possible interventions.
Abstract This review of the literature reveals that veterans' posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following exposure to combat violence affects veterans' familial relationships and the psychologicalExpand
Children of torture victims: reactions and coping.
A lack of flexibility in the children's development of coping strategies was mainly explained by the strength of challenges in the families' overall situation before and after escape and exilation. Expand
The Clinical Effects of Massive Psychic Trauma in Families of Holocaust Survivors
For years we have been treating numerous concentration camp survivors in the psychiatric clinics and hospitals of Israel. In recent years we have been seeing increasing numbers of the secondExpand
The Long-Term Effects of Extreme War-Related Trauma on the Second Generation of Holocaust Survivors
Although the HSO displayed no serious psychological consequences, they had higher anxiety levels than controls, low self-esteem, inhibition of aggression, and relational ambivalence, which partially confirm previous research on the topic. Expand
Women in post-trafficking services in moldova: diagnostic interviews over two time periods to assess returning women's mental health
Trafficked women returning to their country of origin are likely to suffer serious psychological distress that may endure well beyond the time they return, and should be offered evidenced-based mental health treatment for at least the standard 12-month period of rehabilitation. Expand
Long-term effects of trauma: Psychosocial functioning of the second and third generation of Holocaust survivors
  • M. Scharf
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Development and Psychopathology
  • 2007
Adolescents in families where both parents were HSO perceived their mothers as less accepting and less encouraging independence, and reported less positive self-perceptions than their counterparts, and parents and adolescents in the one-parent HSO group functioned similarly to others with no Holocaust background. Expand
The relationship of trauma to mental disorders among trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women.
The findings inform the emerging field of mental health care for trafficked persons by highlighting the importance of assessing severity and duration of trafficking-related abuses and need for adequate recovery time. Expand
Parental communication of Holocaust experiences and personality characteristics among second-generation survivors.
  • H. Lichtman
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of clinical psychology
  • 1984
Communication concerning wartime experiences that went on in survivor families indicated that mother's willingness to talk about her experiences and the frequency of her communication were related significantly to the presence of negative personality traits in the second generation. Expand