Psychological, Relational, and Sexual Correlates of Pornography Use on Young Adult Heterosexual Men in Romantic Relationships

  title={Psychological, Relational, and Sexual Correlates of Pornography Use on Young Adult Heterosexual Men in Romantic Relationships},
  author={Dawn M Szymanski and Destin N. Stewart-Richardson},
  journal={The Journal of Men's Studies},
  pages={64 - 82}
Pornography is both prevalent and normative in United States' culture; however, little is known about the psychological and relational affects that it can have on men in romantic relationships. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine theorized antecedents (i.e., gender role conflict and attachment styles) and consequences (i.e., poorer relationship quality and sexual satisfaction) of men's pornography use among 373 young adult heterosexual men. Findings revealed that both frequency of… Expand

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