Psychologic distress as a longterm predictor of medical utilisation.

  title={Psychologic distress as a longterm predictor of medical utilisation.},
  author={Albert M van Hemert and C. H. Bakker and Jan P. Vandenbroucke and Hans A. Valkenburg},
  journal={International journal of psychiatry in medicine},
  volume={23 3},
OBJECTIVE To study baseline psychologic distress as a predictor of self-reported medical utilisation after nine years of follow-up. METHODS in 1975-1978 we measured psychologic distress with a neuroticism scale in a general population sample of 826 women aged forty-five to sixty-four years. In the same study, and in a follow-up study nine years later, medical utilisation was quantified as the main outcome in terms of current treatment by a physician and current use of medication. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING