Psychologic adjustment of human immunodeficiency virus-infected school-age children.

  title={Psychologic adjustment of human immunodeficiency virus-infected school-age children.},
  author={Subhasish Bose and Howard A Moss and Pim Y Brouwers and Philip A. Pizzo and R. Lorion},
  journal={Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP},
  volume={15 3 Suppl},
We investigated the psychosocial adjustment of school-aged, human immunodeficiency virus-positive children and factors associated with level of adjustment. Participants were primarily transfusion-infected children living in middle-class families. We administered measures of depression, anxiety, and self-concept to children, and measures of behavior problems, social functioning, personality characteristics, and life events to parents. An index of disease stage was also collected. Children… CONTINUE READING

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