Cough is the most common respiratory symptom and a common reason for consultation in both primary care and emergency departments, as a result of family concerns. We report an 11-year-old girl who complains of constant cough episode for 4 hours without any rest. After sequential treatment with nebulized salbutamol and budesonide, dexamethasone, codeine, and… (More)
DOI: 10.1097/PEC.0b013e318271ff55


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@article{VelascoZiga2012PsychogenicCA, title={Psychogenic cough: a diagnosis of exclusion.}, author={Roberto Velasco-Z{\'u}{\~n}iga and Helvia Benito-Pastor and Pablo del Villar-Guerra and Laura Crespo-Valderrabano and Jose Luis Fern{\'a}ndez-Arribas and Elena Santamar{\'i}a-Marcos}, journal={Pediatric emergency care}, year={2012}, volume={28 11}, pages={1218-9} }