Psychodynamic time-limited groups for adult children of aging parents.


A short-term therapy group for adults with aging parents is described. This group model relies heavily on a careful screening process in order to identify individuals best able to focus on intrapsychic issues. The developmental crisis of adult children of aging parents and the beginning process of conflict resolution are illustrated through case material that highlights key psychodynamic issues.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1939-0025.1985.tb03455.x

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@article{Altschuler1985PsychodynamicTG, title={Psychodynamic time-limited groups for adult children of aging parents.}, author={Joanne Altschuler and Susan H Jacobs and Deena Shiode}, journal={The American journal of orthopsychiatry}, year={1985}, volume={55 3}, pages={397-404} }