Psychobiological problems in heavy 'ecstasy' (MDMA) polydrug users.

  title={Psychobiological problems in heavy 'ecstasy' (MDMA) polydrug users.},
  author={Andrew C. Parrott and Eric J Sisk and Joanne Turner},
  journal={Drug and alcohol dependence},
  volume={60 1},
Twelve heavy recreational ecstasy drug users (30-1000 occasions), 16 light ecstasy users (1-20 occasions) and 22 non ecstasy user controls, with group mean ages around 21 years, were compared. Three self-rating questionnaires were completed when drug-free: the SCL-90 (an outpatient psychiatric symptom checklist), the impulsiveness venturesomeness and empathy (IVE) scale; and the uplifts, hassles, stresses and cognitive failures questionnaire. Heavy Ecstasy users reported significantly higher… CONTINUE READING