Psycho-Social Problems faced by Persons with Disability

  title={Psycho-Social Problems faced by Persons with Disability},
  author={Laveena D’Mello and Meena Monteiro and B M Govindaraju},
Down the ages, we see disability is as curse or punishment. With the development of science and social change, disability is seen as a societal problem rather than individual problem and solution became focused on removing the barriers to social change, not just medical care. The persons with a disability encounter discrimination; they tend to alienate themselves from society as they feel unwanted and rejected. It affects the psycho social condition of persons with disabilities. The human… 



Morbidity profile and its relationship with disability and psychological distress among elderly people in Northern India.

Assessment of the morbidity profile and its determinants will help in the application of interventions, both medical and social, to improve the health status and thus the quality of life of the elderly in Northern India.

Quality of Rehabilitation Services to Disabled in a Rural Community of Karnataka

  • S. KumarA. DasS. J. Soans
  • Medicine
    Indian journal of community medicine : official publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
  • 2008
The present study attempts to analyze activities of daily living (ADL) and quality of rehabilitation services provided to the disabled in a rural area of Karnataka.

Effect of psychosocial intervention on quality of life and disability grading of mentally disabled adolescents

The study has shown significant decrease in the disability level of self care, interpersonal activity, communication and understanding, work and increase in the quality of life after the intervention compared to baseline.

Cultural Locations of Disability

Sharon L. Snyder and David T. Mitchell are US scholars working at the University of Illinois at Chicago. They have previously published important books, such as Narrative Prosthesis: Disability and

The international classification for functioning, disability and health

The rheumatologic community is in a leading position for the development of International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) Core Sets and the research into the validity and application of the ICF, but not all of us are aware of this new development.

A Study on the Challenges Faced by Single Parent on Teenager Care

In India, single parents mean father or mother the one who is living alone with their children without his/her partner, because of death, divorce, or separation. In a case of divorce/separation

Prevalence of impairments, disabilities, handicaps and quality of life in the general population: a review of recent literature.

The heterogeneity of the conceptual framework and insufficient recognition of the importance of indicator accuracy, the age factor and the socioeconomic characteristics of the studied populations impede reliable international comparison.

A Study on the Challenges of HIV Positive Children in Dakshina Kannada

The main aim of this research is to study the challenges faced by HIV-positive children and the measures to overcome the difficulties.

Epidemiology of disability in a rural community of Karnataka.

The prevalence of disability was found to be 6.3% and 80% of the disabled had multiple disabilities, and knowledge and occupation plays a major role as determinants of disability.

Gendering Disability

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  • 2010