Psoriatic Lesion of the Sternal Synchondrosis

  title={Psoriatic Lesion of the Sternal Synchondrosis},
  author={Martti Kormano and Jaakko Karvonen and Allan Lassus},
  journal={Acta Radiologica},
  pages={463 - 468}
Radiography of the synchondrosis between the manubrium and the sternal body was performed in 29 patients with clinically certain psoriatic arthropathy. Tomography proved necessary for a detailed analysis. Erosive inflammatory lesions were detected in 18 cases; in 61 per cent of cases with a history of more than 5 years and in 71 per cent of cases with typical hand and feet arthropathy. It is concluded that the sternum is frequently involved in cases with roentgenologically typical psoriatic… CONTINUE READING