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Psocoptères du Sénégal. note 2: Pachytroctidae

  title={Psocopt{\`e}res du S{\'e}n{\'e}gal. note 2: Pachytroctidae},
  author={A. Badonnel},
Peritroctes bengalensis Thornton and Wong in Texas, First Western Hemisphere Records and First Description of the Male, Macropterous Female, and Egg (Psocodea: ‘Psocoptera’: Pachytroctidae)
ABSTRACT: Peritroctes bengalensis Thornton and Wong, originally described from West Bengal, India, is first recorded from the Western Hemisphere from three counties in south-central Texas. The
Rediscovery of Antilopsocus nadleri Gurney, 1965 (Psocodea, Troctomorpha, Pachytroctidae) in South America
We found 14 female specimens of Antilopsocus nadleri Gurney, 1965 in Distrito Federal and Minas Gerais, Brazil and in Cauca, Colombia, far from Trinidad and Tobago and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil,